Residential – individual

Sakthivel House, Pondicherry

Interiors for Villa, Ahmedabad

Salokya Residence, Kuilapalayam

Forest House, Silence, Auroville (ongoing)

Jagran House,  Aurodam, Auroville

Alan’s Extension, Auroville

Hemant’s house extension, Auroville

Subramanian’s House, Chennai

Coconut Villa, Bommayarpalayam

Private Townhouse, Bommayarpalayam

Private Villa, Chennai

Office/ Administrative

Residential – group housing

Marutham Hill Side, Apartment Building, Coimbatore

Ivy Terrace, Apartment Building, Chennai

Sunship – Residential building, City Center, Auroville

SAIIER Staff Quarters, Transformation, Auroville (ongoing)

Vibrance, Apartment Building, Auroville

Sri Krishna Apartments, Chennai

DoMiSiLaDoRe, Auroville (planned)

Educational/ Institutional

  • School for The Learning Community, Auroville
  • Lunch Hub at Oli School, Last school campus, Auroville
  • Tamil Heritage Centre, Completion of unfinished project in Auroville



  • Morning Star, Birthing Centre, Auroville (ongoing)