imago is an Auroville based architecture studio, indulging and experimenting in Tropical Modernism, a blend of vernacular materials and techniques with the minimalist approach of modern architecture.

At imago, we aspire for a more conscious and collaborative architecture, focusing on more than beauty in form and efficiency in function.

Currently, imago is undergoing reconstitution – what can we say, we love transformation!

Sindhuja Jagadeesh is the founder and Principal Architect of the studio.

former team members:

Michael Gransitzki, Anjana Sashindran, GK Reddy, Umar Mohammed, Namita Krishnan, Suhail Khuraishy, Barathi Raja, Shivangi Gadia, Navin Kumar S, Ashish Singh, Khyati Saxena, Javed Imran, Indhuja V

Alkha, Athia Jerry, Priyanka Pai, Priyanka Subramanian, Ann Roy, Tanaya Kadam, Divya K, Ishwariya Samuvel, Navaneetham A, Deepak Poddar, Pooja D, Rhea Goyal